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BOGONI - zero food-miles

-LE ARCHE SOAVE CLASSICO: a great Soave with sapid taste, round and delicate, with the right body, dry but not sour. Perfect to go with an aperitif or a light meal. Carlo BOGONI always worked to save the identity of its products. Small winery for great results.


-RIBOLLA GIALLA: taste, passion, tradition are the slogan of this historical Friulian winery that offers us his Ribolla of intense flavours and addictive freshness. Perfect as an aperitif

-FRIULANO: this wine releases strong aromatic sensations. Fruity, fresh and refined it has a remarkable and persisting taste

CA’DEI FRATI - zero food-miles

-LUGANA: refined with great fineness in its youth. In maturity it expresses the best part, leaving iodinated hints on the palate, spices and candied fruits

-IL BROLETTINO: wine of great depth, it is aged in barriques to reach full body, nice freshness and great longevity. Pride of the winery, after 70 years of experience and passion, it is today appreciated all over the world

MARION AMARONE - zero food-mile

You must give special attention to AMARONE, wine of great structure, a beautiful deep ruby colour, that smells of ripe red fruit, soft on the palate with hints of spicies, black pepper, liquorices and cinnamon. Very interesting the 375 cl bottle offered.

MARION – zero food-mile

The Marion winery starts in the 80s in the green valley of Marcellise, where Stefano Campedelli and his wife Nicoletta in their beautiful renaissance villa start their adventure. The à guyot vineyards, the mild climate, the loam, the use of Slavogna wood, passion and care for details create exceptional wines.

You can start with VALPOLICELLA BORGO MARCELLISE, a simple wine that allows everyone to access the Marion label. Then we have VALPOLICELLA SUPERIORE smooth in the mouth, enveloping and persistent. The CABERNET SAUVIGNON that wraps you up in its flavor of spices and small fruits, with a wide and persistent taste. TEROLDEGO: a more complex wine of dark red colour, intense with aroma of blackberry and blueberry, large body and persistency. CALTO ROSSO a refined wine that comes from great blending, of intense but smooth tannins. A final persistency of tobacco and liquorices.

CAVALCHINA CUSTOZA - zero food-miles

Its pleasant freshness and scent persistence to nose and mouth make it suitable to go with a nice aperitif, lunch or dinner. Keep an eye on winery Cavalchina that originated denomination “CUSTOZA”, mix of different grapes specific to this territory


CUSTOZA FARINA: Eclectic wine, young and modern fit for many occasions. Flowery and fruity to the nose, it is delicate, harmonic and lively on the palate. The Farina family expresses passion, dedication and love for wine in their products. They say about themselves: “we, that love making wine”

CUSTOZA ALBINO PIONA: Albino Piona describes himself as “wine craftsman” and this is clear in his product. A very scented wine, rich with aromatic notes and great personality. Mr Albino quotes: “grapes are a colour palette that the wine master uses according to his mastery”

GINI – zero food-miles

-SOAVE CLASSICO: "this brand goes back to 1600. Father Olinto, born in 1929, master winemaker, leaves his heritage of quality lover. The wine is intense with fresh flowers and ripe fruit. Dry and harmonic on the palate, fine and persistent with hints of almond

INAMA – zero food-miles

-SOAVE CLASSICO: the old vineyards that face East, the old barrels and a minimal oenology make this wine unique of its kind. Intense and honey nose, large on the palate with a sweet almonds aftertaste

-CARMENERE: in the winegrowing area of Colli Berici where it was cultivated for more than one century. A red wine that has no peers, with a strong nature and rich flavor that give it a very peculiar smartness

QUINTARELLI - zero food-mile

Historical winery in the heart of Valpolicella, it doesn’t need introduction. Awarded and tasted by the best connoisseurs and lovers, this mix of corvine, rondinella, cabernet, nebbiolo, croatina and sangiovese grapes releases flavors of black cherry, spices and durmast. An olfactory and gustatory experience not to be missed.

TENUTA SAN 'T ANTONIO and SCAIA - zero food-mile

-TENUTA SAN’ANTONIO: Four brothers and a dream, born among the father’s vineyards in the heart of Valpolicella. Over 100 hectares planted with grapes. The winery received awards in the world for its excellent wines. Also in this case the zero food-mile is evident

-SCAIA: GARGANEGA CHARDONNAY,Smooth white wine, intriguing and inviting with a flavor of white flowers, jasmine and citrus. Smooth and sapid SCAIA_CORVINA – zero food-miles . Ruby red colour, scent of flowers, intense on the palate and pleasantly sapid. Young but with a strong body, it is made of pure Corvina grapes


This wine is the product of a deep territorial culture with an adding quality: “PURITY”. It comes from an ambitious project that gave excellent results. TELOS - in old Greek it means fulfillment, the objective to be reached – is a wine where all production steps are studied very carefully to make wine safely, producing a frank wine, as much as possible in line with the environment it comes from. “IL BIANCO” A fresh and persistent, always evolving taste. You can smell medicinal herbs, mint, sage, thyme and rosemary with a final hint of bitter almond. “THE RED” smooth, fresh and sapid on the palate. Smells of cherry, ripe fruit and liquorices.

VIVIANI - zero food-mile

-VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO: a soft wine fit for everyday’s cuisine. Strong and fine flavor that goes from fruit to flowers.

-VALPOLICELLA RIPASSO: Pride of the winery, the Viviani’s ripassato starts from the AMARONE basis and profits from the great freshness of the mountain area.


-LAGREIN: full body, dry, spicy, full with a fine aftertaste. Pride of South Tyrol, it releases flavor of berries and light hints of violets. Recommended with cheese and main courses.

-GEWURZTRAMINER: Wonderful white, flowery and spicy to be fresh in the mouth and nose. The Weger winery has six generations of producers that run a small reality that stands out for high quality and care for their products.


-LE BERTOLE – VALDOBBIADENE EXTRA DRY: a superior Prosecco produced by the Bartolin family, snappy with a lively perlage, fine and persistent. The delicate fullness on the palate makes it suitable for all tastes, even the most demanding.

-FRANCIACORTA- BELLAVISTA ALMA CUVEE: Alma is a loving term for the earth that generates wonders. This Franciacorta is the result of craftsmanship that is very rare nowadays, having nature and its extraordinary biodiversity as only guide. Sensory profile and persuasive subtlety come from the union of exceptional raw materials. A Franciacorta with a vibrant character

-FRANCIACORTA SATEN-VILLA: “From vineyard to winery the only possible way is the heart” . A velvety and sensual wine with refined notes of flowers and dried fruit. It caresses the palate with subtle and persistent bubbles that magnify the never ending elegance and softness in its structure.

-DURELLO-"CORTE MOSCHINA” - km 0: This wine is made from Verona autochthonous grapes. Silvano and Patrizia with their two sons offer an excellent product in environmental protection and full care for the territory. DURELLO is a very aromatic and mineral sparkling wine.

-TRENTO DOC EXTRA BRUT-"ABATE NERO": Classic sparkling wine with particularly refined taste and flavor and great personality. It releases fresh fruit. Production craft, over 40 years of experience and passion gave excellent results with very important recognitions.

-CHAMPAGNE-RUINART: Ruinart is the most ancient maison de champagne. In the mouth, the dominant fresh note harmoniously combines with a full body and remarkable persistency. Very firm on the palate with hints of ripe fruit and fresh aftertaste, typical of chardonnay.